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Latest video from the album La lumière des jours


Latest collection album

Les primordiaux crépusculaires

Collection of musical pieces from Désaccord Majeur composed between April 1995 and November 2022 published on different international compilations.

Désaccord Majeur's compositions are abstract, introspective, and emotional, with loops that slowly weave into an organic trance that bewitches insidiously.
These "sound films" delicately traverse labyrinths, imaginary worlds where humans and elements blend into a ritualistic harmony, where forgotten cultures and languages converse, where differences are treasures, and where technology embraces the primitive.



Latest album

La lumière des jours

His latest album, « La lumière des jours » is a hybrid creation that invites you on a delicate journey through inner spaces where the dreamer dominates the dream.


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