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Désaccord Majeur is the alter ego of musician Jérôme Mauduit, a curious researcher and participant in the scenes of experimental post-industrial and European ambient music since the mid-1980s.

Désaccord Majeur creates atmospheric and evolving music where the blend of synthesizers, natural sounds, loops, and samples creates a tension leading to strange sonic entities, fragments of unexplored worlds populated by elegant chimeras.

Désaccord Majeur's compositions are abstract, introspective, and emotional, with loops that slowly weave into an organic trance that bewitches insidiously. These "sound films" delicately traverse labyrinths, imaginary worlds where humans and elements blend into a ritualistic harmony, where forgotten cultures and languages converse, where differences are treasures, and where technology embraces the primitive.

"Since 80's French musician Desaccord Majeur has been creating strange sound entities, fragments of undiscovered worlds, mixing ethnic parts and instruments, natural sounds, wet loops and forgotten languages. His sound movies are like labyrinths, folding their ground and warming the fresh air."

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