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Design and Graphism

Le point immobile vibrant

Le point immobile vibrant
Désaccord Majeur - D.M.006

Limited and Numbered Cassette

Design Concept Désaccord Majeur

Presented in a plastic envelope with texts and drawings

There is also a strange bocklet that even a blind man could read... This is experimental too.

Le point immobile vibrant
Désaccord Majeur - D.M.007

Very limited and numbered cassette

Design Concept Désaccord Majeur

All is housed in a very nice box with hand-written titles and number of the box.

Luxurious box containing lots of inserts :

- a poster

- 2 paper boxes of which one holds the cassette and a collage, the other one to hold a small fabric bag with a lot of objects.

- envelope with 18 pages booklet

Le point immobile vibrant reissue
JJS Distribution - J.J.S.001CD

Limited and Numbered Compact Disc
Czech Republic - 1998

Presented in attractive packaging as a 7" box with a booklet
reissue of 500 copies
Booklet artwork Désaccord Majeur

Promotional CD with a tri-fold cardboard cover.

Limited edition of 30 hand-numbered copies.

Design "Le point immobile vibrant" CD Promo
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